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For the first ever JSwipe Love Study, we wanted to focus on areas directly relevant and relatable to the JSwipe user — things we’re curious about and grappling with ourselves. Within these pages there is no right or wrong, there is no better or worse, there simply is — an open, honest, unfiltered exploration of: The State of Jewish, The State of Dating, and the State of Jewish Dating



Part 1

The state of Jewish

Millennials are said to be the least 'traditionally religious’ generation in recent history. We’ve heard people joke about SoulCycle taking the place of Synagogue as spiritual practice. In this section we explore Jewish identity, Jewish engagement, Jewish giving, Jewish education, Israel, and more.

Part 2

The state of Dating

We’ll be the first to say it: dating today is weird. Lack of established norms and etiquette in modern dating and the paradox of choice have resulted in people being frustrated and confused. In this section we explore what people are looking for in a partner, defining the relationship, deal-breakers and more.

Part 3

The state of Jewish Dating

We’ve grown up being told, “everyone is equal, everyone is equal, but you have to marry someone Jewish!” To some, that’s an absolute. For others, it’s not even a factor. A large majority are left somewhere in between. This section explores dating within the faith and the particularly charged topic of interfaith marriage.


We surveyed 4,000 Jewish singles in February 2019. The survey was made available to JSwipe users of all ages, allowing for the observation of trends between different age groups, with the majority of responses coming from our core millennial audience. 60% of respondents live in the United States, 9% live in Israel, 8% live in Canada, 8% live in the UK, with the remaining 15% spread across France, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, & Mexico.



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